The World Cup has always been an insane season for sports fanatics around the globe. Fans everywhere gather together and root for their favorite teams in sports bars and restaurants, getting hammered and causing chaos in process—and that’s only the beginning. Some fans show support in the most unusual (and sometimes dark) ways. Here’s your chance to see some of the craziest fans of this year’s World Cup.

Chilean Fans invade Maracaña Stadium

Sports fans can be rowdy, but Chilean fans take the cake for flat-out rioting. During the match between Chile and Spain, approximately 85 Chilean fans invaded the Maracaña stadium at Rio De Janeiro, crashing down walls and damaging electronic equipment. According to CNN, the raging fans were detained before they could make it to their seats.

Homophobic Chanting From Mexico and Brazil Fans

Mexico and Brazil are facing some serious allegations over the actions of their fans. According to The Telegraph, The Fare network reported that homophobic slurs, such as “puto” (meaning male whore) were slung at opposing goalkeepers by fans of each team. Both teams are being held responsible for their fans’ intolerable actions.

Naked Woman Shows Support for England

How do you show team spirit? Jerseys, body paint, foam fingers? None of that was enough for this brave woman. She showed her team spirit by walking out on a hotel balcony in her birthday suit. Obviously the World Cup’s strict polices on sex were not enough to stop her from hanging out at England’s hotel in Rio.

Russia and Croatia Fans Display Racism

The World Cup is about unity among nations through the recreation of sports and competition. Unfortunately for some people, it also fosters hate. Brazil and Mexico were not the only teams to conjure discrimination among their supporters: blatant racism came from the fans of Team Russia and Team Croatia, separately. According to The Telegraph, supports of both teams were seen holding offensive, “neo-Nazi” banners during their respective games. And just like Mexico and Brazil, both teams are dealing with consequences for their fan’s actions, such as point reduction.

Parrot Cheers on England

Who says only humans can be soccer fans? This African Grey parrot named Slipmat is very vocal about his team spirit and cheers on England in the World Cup. The feathered soccer fan belongs to Fran Sheridan, who has been watching the World Cup with the parrot. “Come on Rooney!” shouts Slipmat, the name of his favorite player in England’s team, as well as demonstrates his ability to sing “The Great Escape.”

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