Zoey Deutch was born November 10, 1994 to director Howard Deutch and actress Lea Thompson. She has one older sister, Madelyn Deutch, who is three years her senior and an actress as well.

Zoey Deutch Biography

Deutch studied at Oakwood School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and at the Young Actors Space. At L.A. County High School for the Arts she double-majored in theater and visual arts.

Zoey Deutch TV Work, Filmography

Deutch’s first role came in 2010, in a recurring role on the Disney Channel show The Suite Life On Deck as Maya Bennett, Zack Martin’s (Dylan Sprouse) love interest. She has appeared in guest spots on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and NCIS, and has held recurring roles on Ringer and Switched At Birth, which also stars her mother.

Deutch’s first film role was in 2011, in the TV film Hallelujah. She has gone on to appear in Mayor Cupcake with her mother and sister, Beautiful Creatures and Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. She is set to appear in the film Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story in 2014. Additionally, she was in a small scene in The Amazing Spiderman that was cut, but is available on the DVD.

Zoey Deutch ‘Vampire Academy,’ Interview

Though Vampire Academy appears to be just another vampire-themed movie, Deutch believes it’s different. “My character has never been done before. Ever. One hundred percent has never been done before. That’€™s a fact. I can say that,” Deutch told Uinterview. “I can’t necessarily vouch for like, ‘€˜Is this the only funny non-parody of vampire film?’€™ I don’€™t know. But it is. It’s very humorous. It has a lot of jokes and a lot of, embedded into the story without kind of taking you out of it in my opinion at least. It’€™s just like constantly strewn throughout the story.”

Deutch enjoyed the friendship aspect of the film too, particularly her Rose’s friendship with Lissa (Lucy Fry). “It’€™s a story of friendship between two girls, which is rare, unfortunately, and about them prioritizing each other over a relationship with a guy,” Deutch told Uinterview.

Deutch also enjoyed training for the action-packed fight scenes, too. “You get full-time trainers and professionals teaching you how to defend yourself. It’€™s amazing. It was an awesome life experience that I probably never would have done,” Deutch told Uinterview. “But I trained for about three months prior, I think, three months. It’€™s all a blur. I was too exhausted and sore and in Epsom salt baths. I don’€™t know how Mark Wahlberg does it. I have no idea. Or all those guys, I have no idea. I could not do that every movie. And I trained throughout the filming and during my lunch breaks and yup. It was definitely a new experience to me because I had never even been in a gym.”

Zoey Deutch Dating History, Relationship Status

Deutch is currently dating actor Avan Jogia.

Deutch previously dated her Vampire Academy co-star Danila Kozlovsky and is rumored to have dated Josh Hutcherson.

Zoey Deutch Personal Life

Deutch was raised in the Jewish religion like her father and had a Bat-Mitzvah.

Deutch is involved in many charities, including the Corazon De Vida Orphanage and has performed for What A Pair, The Alzheimer’s Association and Race To Erase MS.

Deutch has been a dancer her entire life. She has studied hip-hop, tap, ballet and modern dance, among others.

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