Samara Weaving is an Australian model and actress. She is best known for her roles in the show SMILF and movie The Babysitter (2017). In this biography, Weaving tells her own story of how she got started in acting.

Samara Weaving Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, Education

Weaving was born February 23, 1992 (Samara Weaving age: 27) to Helena Bezzina and Simon Weaving. The latter is the noted screenwriter of Big Ride and brother of actor Hugo Weaving. After Weaving and her sister, Morgan were born in Adelaide, South Australia, the family moved around Singapore, Fiji and Indonesia.

After Samara attended grade school in Jakarta, the Weavings returned to Australia. Samara continued her education at the Pittwater House School and later the Canberra Girls’ Grammar School. Canberra was familiar to the Weavings, with Simon serving as the artistic director of the Canberra International Film Festival. During her time at the school, Samara began pursuing theatrical courses and productions.

Samara Weaving Biography: Exclusive Interview on Her Acting Roots

In August 2019, Weaving sat down with uInterview to discuss her path to stardom. She revealed that while she couldn’t remember a “lightbulb moment” when acting became her sole focus, she’d always enjoyed it.

“I think I was always a performer growing up, and very shy,” Weaving told uInterview exclusively. “So I would do drama classes and my parents put me in drama courses to help me make friends and bring me out of my shell. So I think it was a natural progression to do it as a career.”

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Samara Weaving Bio: Shows and Movies

Weaving’s first professional acting role was that of Kristen Mulroney in Out of the Blues. She appeared on 49 episodes of the Australian TV series throughout 2008. The following year, she starred in the video shorts “Sprung” and “Steps,” the latter of which she also wrote and directed.

Between 2009 and 2013, Weaving hit her stride on Home and Away. She played Indi Walker in 336 episodes of the show, earning a nomination at the 2012 AACTA Awards. Later in 2013, 

Weaving appeared in her first movie, Mystery Road. She had no additional roles in 2013 and only appeared in one short video, “Growing Young,” in 2014. During this time, Weaving modeled for the Australian underwear brand Bonds.

Weaving’s career picked back up again the next year, beginning with a short video called “He Who Has It All.” She later guest-starred in three episodes of the shows Squirrel Boys and Ash vs. Evil Dead. In 2016, Weaving appeared in the films Bad Girl and Monster Trucks.

Weaving’s career diversified in 2017. She appeared in the music video for Charlie Puth’s song “Attention” and the movie Mayhem. She also appeared in the crime drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as the character Penelope. Her most famed project of the year was The Babysitter, which premiered on Netflix.

Between 2017 and 2019, Weaving secured another recurring role in the comedy series SMILF. This show, featuring Frankie Shaw and Rosie O’Donnell, has received a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and two Golden Globe nominations.

Weaving kept busy with other projects throughout her SMILF career. She acted in the movie Picnic at Hanging-Rock in 2018 and two more in 2019. The first was Guns Akimbo, an adventure film starring Daniel Radcliffe. The second was Ready or Not.

Samara Weaving Bio: Exclusive Interview on ‘Ready or Not,’ Adam Brody

Weaving discussed her movie Ready or Not exclusively with uInterview. She explained how her character, Grace, runs into trouble on her wedding day. “Her in-laws have a strange tradition where,” Weaving said, “when there’s a newcomer of the family, they pick a card and play a game. And Grace picks the worst card you could possibly pick. It’s the card that means they try to murder her.”

Weaving couldn’t reveal more about the film’s plot, so she described her favorite scene to shoot. According to Weaving, the scene in which Grace “meets the entire family” is “the only scene where every single cast member’s in the same room.” Weaving expressed particular affection for this scene because she “love[s] and adore[s] every single person in this movie.”

uInterview asked Weaving about one cast member in particular. She stars in Ready or Not alongside Adam Brody of the Pitch Perfect and Modern Family franchises. “He’s so clever,” Weaving remarked. “Just his choices were so fun. It was really amazing to watch him work. He’s such a talented actor, and I’m very grateful that I could play with him.”

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Samara Weaving Bio: Upcoming Projects, Keanu Reeves

Weaving is set to appear in at least three more projects in 2020. She will play Thea Preston in Bill & Ted Face the Music, a comedy featuring Keanu Reeves and Kristen Schaal. Also due in 2020 are the film Last Moment of Clarity and the series Hollywood. Weaving is currently filming for the movie Snake Eyes, starring Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians fame.

Samara Weaving Bio: Personal Life, Husband, Boyfriends, Height, Quotes

Weaving is currently unmarried and has no children. In the past, she dated Australian sommelier Matt Skinner and singer Axle Whitehead. In March 2019, however, she announced her engagement to producer Jimmy Warden.

“I’ve had a passion to play Marilyn Monroe for a really long time. I’m a little too young at the moment, but it’s on my bucket list.”

“I’ve never gone through any proper training. They say Home and Away is a sort of training ground, and I think it’s true, you do learn a lot from that show.”

“[What I liked about acting] was that freedom of when you’re on a stage it’s not you personally that’s taking responsibility for a performance – you’re playing a character.”

“Because of the nature of this industry, it’s a bit dangerous to think far ahead. So at the moment, I’m just taking it day by day.”

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