Gina Bellman is a British actress. She is best known for her roles in Leverage and Leverage: Redemption.


Gina Bellman was born in 1966 (Gina Bellman: Age 57) in Auckland, New Zealand. Her parents emigrated to New Zealand from England in the 1950s but returned to England when Bellman was 11. Bellman went to school at Rosh Pinah Primary School and JFS.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Bellman revealed how she got started with acting.

“Well for me it was more of a cultural thing,” she explained. “I was born and raised in New Zealand and when I came to the UK I had a different accent. So I started having lessons and my teacher was a really inspirational teacher. She used to give us little bits of plays to recite and I just got the bug really really young. Then when I was 14 years old I said to my parents, ‘I want to do this, I want to be an actress. Will you let me act in school holidays?’ My parents were not the kind of hovering kind of parents so for my 14th birthday they gave me a book that was a map of London. It was a book that used to be called London A to Z and it was a book of maps. And then they wrote, ‘happy 14th birthday. If you want to do this, do it, but do it on your own.’ And that book was completely booked because I just went to audition after audition and I was just pounding the streets of London going to auditions after school.”


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Bellman started her acting career with an Into the Labyrinth episode in 1982. She became more well-known for her lead role in Blackeyes in 1984 as a model dealing with the world around her seeing her as a product first and a human second.

In 2000 Bellman starred in the show Coupling which followed a group of friends in their early 30s dealing with relationships and careers.

Bellman’s roles in movies included Tamar in King David (1985), Helen in Secret Friends (1991), Lisa in Leon the Pig Farmer (1992) and Clegg in Silent Trigger (1996).

In 2008 Bellman starred in Leverage as Sophie Deveraux, “The Grifter.” In the show Leverage there is a group of five, “The Mastermind” (Timothy Hutton), “The Hacker” (Aldis Hodge), “The Hitter” (Christian Kane), “The Thief” (Beth Riesgraf) and “The Grifter” (Bellman) who work together to take down the rich and powerful who have gone too long without being held responsible for their actions. The show went on for five seasons from 2008 to 2012.


In 2021 Leverage was revived as Leverage: Redemption with Bellman, Riesgraf and Kane continuing their previous roles. Joining the cast was Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon) and Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle).

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Bellman discussed what it was like working with Wyle and Kane.

“What we do is very glamorous and exciting, but it’s a workplace like any other,” Bellman revealed. “At the end of the day, what did we do? Me and Christian and Noah had a WhatsApp group playing Wordle. We would be sitting there saying, ‘I got it in three! I got it in five! I got it in four.’ We’re just like everybody else. We all have our short hands, we’ve known each other for so long. I know when Christian’s favorite meal is in the tent for catering for lunch and I’ll knock on his trailer and say, ‘Hey, there’s red velvet cake,’ or whatever. We know each other so well.”

“We had this scene together in a food truck and it was written that he was supposed to be in the back of the food truck but he said, ‘How about I’m under the counter between your legs and I just pop things up through the screen,’” she continued. “He’s great at physical comedy. We did this scene together where he had to jump off a container and land in front of me. We did ten takes of this thing and after the tenth take, I was like, ‘Did you really jump from the top of the container?’ He was like, ‘You’ve only just noticed? I’ve done it 10 times!’ We do all have a very familiar way of talking to each other. You look forward to go to work and see people.”

Bellman went on to talk about what she admires most about Wyle.

“The thing about Noah is that he’s great with props,” she said. “He reminds me of an actor that I worked with on CouplingBen Miles. We called him the ‘King of Business,’ because he could have his pint glass and be buttoning up his coat and he always had stuff going on. Noah is the master at that. I’m hopeless at props. I mean, don’t give me an umbrella, because my arm suddenly won’t work anymore. They all make fun of me, ‘Don’t give Gina a prop! Don’t give her a phone, don’t give her a bag and a coffee. She can only have the bag, not the coffee.’ I do love watching Noah with props because he’s absolutely brilliant at it.”

Leverage: Redemption is now streaming on Amazon Freevee.


When was Gina Bellman born?

Gina Bellman was born in 1966.

How old is Gina Bellman?

Gina Bellman is 57 years old.

Is Gina Bellman married?

Yes, Gina Bellman is married to Zaab Sethna and divorced from Lucho Brieva.

Does Gina Bellman have children?

Yes, Gina Bellman has one daughter with Zaab Sethna.

What is Gina Bellman’s Twitter?

Gina Bellman’s Twitter handle is @ginabellman

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