Cam Gigandet is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in Twilight, Never Back Down and Black Warrant.


Cam Gigandet was born on August 16, 1982 (Cam Gigandet: age 40), in Tacoma, Washington. His parents are Kim and Jay Gigandet and he has one sister, Kelsie. Gigandet graduated Auburn Senior High School in 2001 and further studied at Santa Monica College.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Gigandet recalled what drew him to acting in the first place after he moved to Los Angeles. “Someone suggested that I went to an acting class so I went and it was something so new and different and unique and – I mean, growing up playing sports with like, cows and woods – it just kind of blew my mind. And I was sold. The very first class I went to I was hooked from that moment on,” the actor said.


Gigandet started his career on the TV screen with a guest appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2003 and recurring roles from 2004 to 2006 with the shows The Young and the Restless, Jack and Bobby and The O.C. In 2007 Gigandet was cast in the movie Never Back Down as antagonist Ryan McCarthy, from which Gigandet and his co-star, Sean Faris, won an award at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards for “Best Fight.”


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Also in 2007, Gigandet was cast in Twilight where he played the main antagonist, James Witherdale. This role allowed Gigandet to receive his second award at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for “Best Fight” with Robert Pattinson. In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Gigandet discussed what filming that fight scene was like. “My fight scene with Rob [Pattinson], we were trying to figure out how to bite me in a real way,” he said. “And I think it was his idea even, to put a piece of chicken on my neck, cover it with honey, and he would bite my neck, slash chicken with honey. That’s how we committed to that. I can’t believe he came up with that.”


Gigandet’s most recent role was in the film Black Warrant where he played DEA agent, Anthony, on a mission to stop cyber terrorists when he unexpectedly crosses paths with a retired special ops assassin, played by Tom Berenger.

During an exclusive interview, Gigandet talked about his and Berenger’s relationship during his favorite moment on the set. “He was far funnier than I could have ever imagined and I grew up watching Major League so I knew he was funny and charming,” Gigandet revealed. “It may have been the first or second day we had worked together … we were working I believe by the water. We’re on a marina on a boat and we’re supposed to be laughing so it kind of worked, but it turned into this uncontrollable giggle session so much so that I guess someone who lived on the boat next to our boat was so unhappy and he started yelling. We couldn’t stop laughing and it turned into this weird screaming match slash laughing while we were filming it. It was definitely a memorable moment for sure.”

As far as preparation for the film, Gigandet had this to say: “There was a lot of physical – gun handling, a lot of fighting, a lot of action. In preparation for that, aside from getting into shape and getting ready, we would shoot guns. We would rehearse the choreography for the fights. That’s stuff that I’ve been doing for a while now so that came easily. That’s also one of the perks of the job so I love doing that stuff. It’s hard to think of it so I’ll do it anytime anybody asks, ‘Let’s go shoot guns.’ ‘Sure, why not? Let’s do it.’”

Gigandet said his favorite scene of the movie to shoot was actually his torture scene. “I couldn’t imagine how we were going to do it and the way we did it was so unglamorous and uncool. I had earplugs up my nose” the actor gestures. “Which was how they could not be waterboarded, which was great. That kind of stuff always fascinated me, how we can actually get away with trying to get it as real as possible without actually being waterboarded. And it was a fun scene to just go for it.”

Gigandet finished his interview by suggesting everyone watch Violent Night where he plays the aspiring actor’s boyfriend to the daughter of a rich family in order to fund his movie.


When was Cam Gigandet born?

Cam Gigandet was born on August 16, 1982.

How old is Cam Gigandet?

Cam Gigandet is 40 years old.

Is Cam Gigandet married?

No, Cam Gigandet recently divorced Dominique Geisendorff.

Does Cam Gigandet have children?

Yes, Cam Gigandet has three children, Everleigh, Rekker, and Armie Gigandet.

Does Cam Gigandet have a girlfriend?

Yes, Cam Gigandet is dating actress Hannah James.

What is Cam Gigandet’s Instagram?

Cam Gigandet’s Instagram handle is: @the_new_gigandet

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