YouTuber Alisha Marie has been an influencer since 2008. In over a decade, she has managed to stay relevant building her subscriber count up to eight million while also having a successful vlog channel and a podcast, Pretty Basic.

Her YouTube channel did not gain traction, however, until 2011. Alisha said the business is about “quality over quantity” and that was something that took her a while to understand because there was a period of time she became a “YouTube burnout,” which is essentially a content creator who runs out of ideas because they are too pressured to keep up with everyone else.


Alisha recently took her vlog global. She ventured to Tokyo, Japan, to do a fashion report.


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While in Tokyo, Alisha posted herself on Instagram enjoying Tokyo marketplaces, captioning it “eating all the sushi here and I’m thriving.”

She also posted herself enjoying a Japanese drink, matcha, captioning it “i love u matcha.”

Aside from the fashion statements, Alisha also visited the Zojoji Temple which is a famous for being the main temple of the Jodo-Shu Chinzei sect of Buddhism in the Kanto region of Japan. In her vlog, she said she felt like a “full-blown tourist” because the temple was absolutely  “stunning.”

Another picture shows her thanking Benefit Cosmetics for her sponsored trip. Alisha Marie is once again showing to the world that among all the traditional jobs in the world there are perks to being a YouTuber.

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