Richard Branson is no newcomer to challenges as the founder of Virgin Records, but last week the dare devil businessman took on a new task.

The Pitons of St. Lucia is comprised of two volcanic mountains, Gros Piton is 2,530 ft. and the Petit Piton is 2,530 ft. Branson was up early a couple of days ago when while playing tennis with a couple of friends, hastily decided to scale the mountains. Two hours and no water left the group finally made it to the summit of the Gros Piton.

Climbed to the top of Gros Piton – ain’t no mountain high enough

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The billionaire businessman and investor is one of the more famous residents of the region, privately owning Necker Island. He acts as an unofficial ambassador to Caribbean bringing business and tourism to the area, from hosting the Necker Cup to creating the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship. Branson has also been known to help those in need when he’s in the area, like Ben Ainslie, the four-time Olympic gold sailing medalist and his wife, Georgie, while they were on their honeymoon. Branson answered their distress signal when their boat’s main sail became entangled. In addition, just last month, Branson launched Virgin Trains East Coast in the United Kingdom as part of the take over of the old train line, which connects London, Yorkshire, North East and Scotland.

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