Jeffree Star has gone through an evolution since his MySpace days. Once a misunderstood makeup artist, is now, a multimillionaire with a platform reaching 16.6 million on YouTube alone and a makeup brand that is breaking records.

This year, Shane Dawson released a series that was first called, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star and after six episodes he shared the behind the scenes magic of the makeup industry and highlighted the process of creating his collaboration collection with Jeffree, The Conspiracy Palette and even Shane Dawson merchandise. The site crashed when the collection went live, selling out everything.

This week, Star is on a very relaxing birthday vacation, recently posting to his Instagram pictures of him and longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, in the tropical oasis of Bora Bora.

Jeffree posted a picture of himself laying out on a bed above the beautiful turquoise water captioning it, “Just landed in paradise to celebrate my birthday all week and I’m so happy to be back to my favorite place on the planet.”

Jeffree may be experiencing professional success, but it is clear that what remains important is his personal life. He posted another picture of himself and Nathan cuddling up to each other on the front of a boat. Jeffree captioned, “Being in love and traveling the world with my best friend is truly unexplainable. Grateful for every second we spend together.”

Jeffree also posted a more scandalous snapshot of himself bathing in the sun naked, accented with a Louis Vuitton visor hat. He captioned, “Taking a nap before a threesome and scuba diving.”

He also posted a picture of Nathan and him sitting on a ledge in the water and was feeling “f**cking fabulous.”