From wireless headphones to cameras that fit in the palm of your hand, living in the not so distant future means there’s a plethora of fun technology accessories to buy, either as a gift to a friend, or one to yourself.

The GoPro HERO4

This new edition of the beloved GoPro camera is extremely powerful and features a touch screen display, so users can review video footage and frame shots with ease. The camera features built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and a USB port makes it easy to transfer and store images. But, more importantly, the GoPro HERO4 has so many recording settings (time lapse, 30 frames per second photo bursts, etc) that budding filmmakers can take it almost anywhere. It also comes equipped with an waterproof case for daring underwater shots.
$399.99 at B&H

Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This portable Sony speaker system has an 8-hour battery life and can also be plugged into an AC outlet, making it perfect for a day away or a party at home. The speaker streams audio from compatible devices using a Bluetooth connection, and even has speaker phone capability.
$94.99 at B&H

Soundbeats Qy7 Mini Wireless Headphones

These simple wireless headphones are perfect for the music lover who doesn’t like getting caught up in wires, but also doesn’t want to pay $100 for headphones. The Bluetooth technology allows the headphones to sync up with various smart phones and other devices. The only downside is the relatively short 8-hour battery life. However, for the casual user, that’s plenty of time.
$39.99 at Amazon

alm Pro Lens Pack for iPhone 6

As more and more people ditch their cameras in favor of using their smart phones, lens accessories for phones are becoming all the rage. This lens pack comes with two lenses, one 37mm Wide Angle and one Telephoto Lens for extreme close ups and details, plus a tripod and aluminum frame to provide easy application to an iPhone. This kit may be iPhone 6 specific, but there are many other similar accessories available for different smart phones.
$149.95 at B&H

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