The future in footwear has arrived. Following the release of their rarer and collector-oriented sneakers, the Nike 2016 Mag, the famous shoe company has unveiled the latest in a growing lineup of self-lacing sneakers. The Nike HyperAdapt, while pricey at $720, are full performance shoes that go weeks without a charge. You are on step closer to becoming Marty McFly.


The HyperAdapt stands out from a collector shoe, making it the first auto-lacing sneaker built around performance. To accomplish this, designers developed Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing, or E.A.R.L. EARL automatically activates when your heel touches the insole, and the laces will tighten on their own. Buttons blended into the space-age gray mesh of the sneaker allow you to make more precise adjustments throughout the day. Engadget reporter Edgar Alvarez remarked on the loud noise of the mechanism at work. “The E.A.R.L. mechanism makes a loud sound when triggered, but it’s oddly satisfying to hear,” he wrote. “It all feels reminiscent of that scene in BTTF Part II when Marty McFly says, ‘Power laces, all right.'”


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The HyperAdapts also maintains excellent battery performance. Tiffany Beers, one of the innovators behind the new Nike sneakers, told Engadget that while a charge can last for up to two weeks, she has been able to wear her shoes without a charge for up to ten. A blue block on the bottom of the shoe lights up tell you how much juice the sneakers have left; LED dots at the heel also indicate when the device is successfully charging.

The HyperAdapt made its debut on Dec. 1 at select Nike locations in NYC (including the new SoHo store and the Nike+ ClubHouse). While more commercially available than the Mags, Nike and Engadget suggest making an appointment soon to snag a pair, which releases widely later this month. At $720, it’s a shoe for serious future enthusiasts—and Back To The Future fans.


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