By now everyone knows that the singer Sia doesn’t like to show her face especially in public. Her signature wig captured the attention of the world with her 2014 smash hit, Chandelier which featured Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame, as her stand in mini-me. The music video for the song not only introduced us to the new artist but to her ability to stay covered under an enormous platinum blond wig and now you can too!

Sia might be a mystery to us all, but her wig only adds to her simple and minimal style choice that make her a fashion symbol. She recently showed up at the Grammy’s in an all black ensemble and voluminous blond locks that showed off her fashion prowess and good taste.

In order to recreate Sia’s looks there are a few essentials that you will need without having to “break the bank.” Amazon has a stock of wigs that even Sia wouldn’t be able to resist wearing.

1.Sexy Bob With Bangs

Sia's Signature Platinum Blond Wig

Sia’s Signature Platinum Blond Wig

Get The Look For Less:,$12.89

The short length of this wig makes it perfect for creating a dramatic look. The flip at the end going inwards will bring attention to your face and make sure all eyes are on you while still highlighting your soft jawline. The bangs are a practical length so that you can see the world around you while not having to worry about running into walls or people. Pair it with a dramatic lipstick, and you’ll be the “coolest girl” in the room.

2. Nude Camisole Leotard

How To Look Like Sia: Nude Leotard

How To Look Like Sia: Nude Leotard

Get The Look:, $17.50

This simple skin colored leotard will pair perfectly with the blond wig to create a bold look and Sia-esque look. The straps are adjustable so that you can adjust to your bust line without having to compromise on style. Pair it will a neutral skirt or some dark jeans and you are sure to be making a statement.

3. Red Lipstick

How To Look Like Sia-Red Lipstick

How To Look Like Sia-Red Lipstick

Red lips are always a statement especially when trying to hid behind a wig. The vibrant color will balance out the hair. This color will also work on a range of skin tones and can be used with multiple outfits. For added drama you can also go with a dark lip to be more edgy and more aloof when you go out.

Get The Look:, $16.


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