The rowing team that made shockwaves across the media with their naked calendar are back with another coffee table book. The Warwick Rowers are a crew team based at the University of Warwick who have partnered with Sports Allies to raise money in support of more inclusive sports, regardless of gender or sexuality.


Beginning with their first calendar photoshoot in 2009 (which later became the UK Charity Calendar of the Year, twice), the rowing program at the U.K. university has used the coffee table book as a way to promote positive, inclusive and respectful attitudes towards people of all genders and sexualities. Unhappy with the way nudity, especially male nudity, is presented and the inequality it promotes, the rowers launched the project as a way to make people more comfortable with themselves and with others. Whereas female nudity takes precedence in popular culture, the #WR17 WARWICK ROWERS LIMITED EDITION COFFEE TABLE BOOK inverts those norms. Produced to exactly the same specification as their first book, and in a similarly limited and numbered edition of only 1000 copies, you can expect it to be an even hotter holiday item!

Warwick Rowers

In a forward by rower Angus Malcolm, he describes the book as:

“A celebration of freedom. It offers us the freedom to look at a group of regular but accomplished young men as they are, without the filters of exploitation, narcissism or patriarchal power. For the rowers, it offers the freedom to reconsider their own masculinity and to explore more deeply their relationships with each other. I have seen at first hand what a transformative process this can be for the participants, myself included.”

All featured athletes in the Warwick Rowers calendar and related products are currently or have previously been members of the men’s rowing team at the University of Warwick. The athletes who appear in the Warwick Rower calendar and its associated products do so on a voluntary and unpaid basis.

Along with the purchase of the book, you will receive an exclusive print copy of the first published report from Sport Allies.  With funding from Warwick Rowers, Sport Allies has commissioned a report on the problem of homophobia and gender bias in sporting culture.

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