Warner Brothers brought the big guns, otherwise known as Comic Con first timers Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock, following their announcement of a Superman/Batman team-up.

First, Bullock arrived onstage with director Alfonso Cuarón to promote their new film Gravity. Sadly, Bullock’s only co-star George Clooney (there is quite literally no other actor in the film) did not attend the panel, though, to make up for this absence, Cuarón and Bullock premiered new footage from the film, in which Bullock and Clooney get separated from their ship and are left floating alone in space. The silent footage (no sound in space) is said to have received a strong reaction from the crowd. Audiences, it appears, have been fooled by the trailer, in which noise from the explosions can be heard clearly.

“As we know, there’s no sound in space. The film, we don’t do that… It’s a very intense film. It’s a very immersive experience. You’re with the characters. We wanted people to feel like they’re floating in space,” Cuarón revealed.

Bullock talked about the shoot, telling the crowd that most of her time during production was spent alone in a small, square room. She relied heavily on Cuarón and the music he provided her sometimes while filming.

“You were able to create a soundtrack… They were able to create that for you while you were doing a scene. So you could feel something outside of this extreme loneliness while you were in this cube,” Bullock told the audience.

As if Bullock’s surprise appearance wasn’t enough, even more star power came out after she had left when Tom Cruise arrived to promote his upcoming film Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need Is Kill). Cruise wowed the crowd with his many talents – he even burst into song with moderator Chris Hardwick.

Cruise was joined onstage by co-stars Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity). Cruise spoke about the character-driven film, saying its heart separates it from all the other alien movies out there (the actor previously started in alien movies War of the Worlds (2005) and Oblivion (2013).

“The alien-invasion film has now become a trope where people understand the language of this kind of genre. And now we can get into this kind of fun character journey,” Cruise told the crowd.

Warner Brothers also teased the Comic Con audience with glimpses at Warcraft, the adaptation of the popular videogame, Seventh Son (staring Jeff Bridges), 300: Rise of an Empire (the pseudo sequel to the megahit 300), Godzilla and The LEGO Movie.

Gravity is set for release on October 4, with Edge of Tomorrow gearing towards release on June 6, 2014.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong


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