Josh Gad (Frozen) and Kevin Hart (Think Like a Man) star in the hilarious and heartwarming The Wedding Ringer.

Gad plays Doug, a successful yet socially awkward young man who is about to be married to the woman of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, The Big Bang Theory) but has no groomsman or best man to be in his wedding. Luckily for him, Hart plays an entrepreneur named Jimmy Callahan who pretends to be men like Doug’s best man for a profit. The only rule; the relationship is and must always be strictly business.

From the outset Gad reveals himself to be clumsily funny and all around a likable guy. His relationship with his soon to be wife isn’t something we question even though the film wants us to (the classic, why would a girl like that fall for a guy like this?). It’s easy to understand that Doug is funny, lovable and committed to his fiance, so who wouldn’t fall head over heels for him? Although, it does leave us wondering how all these men who need Jimmy’s help didn’t need any help finding someone to marry them.

Once we meet Jimmy all the funny comes to play: Hart is triumphant in getting laughter out of almost anyone. Jimmy soon realizes that he must pull out all the stops to make Doug’s wedding happen, including assembling the weirdest groomsmen ever conceived. Gad and Hart have a great chemistry but with the addition of Affion Crocket, Jorge Garcia, and Corey Holcomb as groomsmen, this is a comedy extravaganza.

The Wedding Ringer is seriously funny, and I found myself not wanting it to end. The situations were extreme, but the emotions felt real and the script was clearly well written.

This is a feel-good movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Hart.

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