In Episode 14 of This Is Us, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) tells Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) that she is going on tour, Toby (Chris Sullivan) shows up to surprise Kate (Chrissy Metz) at her camp retreat but she turns him away, Kevin (Justin Hartley) starts a relationship with his ex-wife again and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) begins showing signs of a nervous breakdown.


The episode begins during the teen years on Valentine’s Day with Rebecca preparing to leave for a west coast tour with her band. Jack tells her that he is excited for her show that night, the two then plan to eat at O’Shannons for their usual Valentine’s Dinner of bacon cheeseburgers.

In present day, Kate goes to Duke’s (Adam Bartley) cabin and yells at him for being so condescending to her. He then informs her that his parents own the weight-loss retreat she’s at and that she’s no longer able to attend.

Kevin is in an interview with Katie Couric, where she badgers him about leaving The Manny to work on a play and then ends up sleeping with both the main actress and the playwright. He then wakes up from his “Katie Couric nightmare” with a call from Sophie (Alexandra Breckinridge). She says that she wasn’t able to get rid of her double-shift and can’t make his show.

Randall is running through his neighborhood and can’t stop thinking about all the things weighing him down in his life. He is seen shaking, this alludes to Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) previous statement about Randall’s nervous breakdown when she was pregnant. When Randall gets home, Beth learns that her mom has fallen and broken her hip, so she must leave to care for her. William (Ron Cephas Jones) falls down as well, which leads Randall to hire a hospice nurse. All of this seems to begin weighing down on Randall more and more.

In the teen years, Jack makes reservations at O’Shannons for he and Rebecca. He talks with Miguel (Jon Huertas) at work about how crazy he thinks Rebecca is to leave her family and go on tour. He says that he can’t tell her that though because he doesn’t want her to resent him. When Miguel says that he wants a wingman, Jack invites him to Rebecca’s show that night. Back home, Rebecca overhears that Kevin is having sex with Sophie and all the kids scatter to avoid talking with her.

In present day, Kate shows up to Toby’s hotel and apologizes for her behavior back at the camp. When she tells him about telling off Duke, he reveals that he was jealous of him and afraid Kate would fall for him. The two of them begin to talk about their relationship and decide to begin talking more about themselves and getting to know one another better. While shopping for an outfit for Kevin’s premiere, Kate asks Toby about his past with suicide.

Randall goes to work and learns that his big meeting has been moved to today. He tries to begin preparing for it but Kevin shows up to try and get his nerves out. Randall then receives a call from William’s nurse and learns that William has locked the nurse out of the house. Randall has to leave work and tend to the situation home. He is beginning to unravel very quickly.

Back in the teen years, Jack and Rebecca are talking to Kevin about practicing safe sex. Then Randall comes downstairs freaking out about his paper and how it’s not good enough. He is crying uncontrollably and Jack takes him upstairs to calm him down. This alludes to Randall’s battle with nerves and anxiety. Rebecca begins to freak out about leaving for tour, says she can’t leave her family like this. Jack reassures her that he can handle everything and tells her that she is still going on tour.l

Miguel and Jack go to Rebecca’s show that night. As Jack watches Rebecca and her bandmate Ben (Sam Trammell) on stage, he grows suspicious of their chemistry.

In present day, Kate and Toby continue to discuss their lives at a diner. Toby tells Kate that he’s struggled with depression his whole life but that his divorce was a real breaking point for him and the only time he’s ever truly considered suicide. He then asks Kate about what happened to her dad and she can’t answer him. He tells her to answer in her own time, whenever she is ready.

Kevin goes to talk to his mom about his nerves but Miguel answers the door and tells him that Rebecca is gone to the store. Kevin goes inside to wait for his mom. While talking to Miguel, he tells Kevin that he reminds him of his father Jack and that when he gets stressed out, he should think about what his dad would do in that situation. Kevin seems to grow fonder of Miguel in that moment and tells him that he doesn’t not like him.

Randall arrives at his meeting late but can’t seem to speak to their client. He is choking and shutting down. His partner takes over for him and Randall is seen quietly crying. His breakdown has taken a toll on him.

In the teen years, Jack learns from Ben that he and Rebecca dated once. He cancels he and Rebecca’s plans and the two return home. He argues that she lied to him and she reveals that she dated Ben for two months when they were 19 but didn’t want to alarm Jack. She says that she wanted one thing in her life that Jack didn’t hold her back from. He angrily leaves the house.

In the closing scenes for each scenario, Kate and Toby decide to enjoy their engagement and get to know one another before they get married. Randall calls Kevin and says he can’t come to the show. Kevin leaves his opening night to go help Randall, who cries into Kevin’s shoulder. Jack is seen at O’Shannons without Rebecca where he orders a drink of alcohol (presumably his first drink since he vowed to stop drinking when his children were young.)

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