Bethenny is back for the 3rd season of her successful post-RHONYC reality television show. Frankly, it is well past due for her quick wit and unabashed honesty to be on our television screens once again. In the final episode of last season, Frankel has just completed the life-changing deal of selling her company, 'Skinnygirl' (Her low-calorie cocktail brand), to Fortune Brands.

This season begins with a launch party for her new 'Skinnygirl Sangria.' So, obviously she was still granted the control she wanted, and the business of concocting low-calorie replacements for cocktail staples won’t be leaving her life anytime soon. The best part of the party would probably be when she greets Nick, the food blogger she hired last season. His demeanor in her presence is consistently awkward, but it makes him incredibly likeable.

A topic that holds a lot of weight in this episode is Bethenny and Jason’s second year of marriage. She vents to her hairdresser and her therapist (which is still an unsettling aspect of her show). As if she doesn’t reveal enough, we get to see into even more of her psyche and at times it’s just too much. She speaks of how she always feels as though Jason is the perfect one and she is always considered wrong. The problem that was the most worrisome is the fact that Bethenny felt pressured to ask Jason to sign a pre-nup, which really shook him and brought out trust issues.

His small-town upbringing made him believe this is unheard of, and has harbored resentment against Bethenny for months, in fear that she was going to screw him over. There is also a point where Jason brings up sex, and she says that having it twice a week would be a stretch. She says that “even if there were diamonds shooting out of Jason’s penis” she wouldn’t have sex with him every day. It’s literally like pulling teeth to get this woman to have sex with her loving husband…poor guy.

But the episode also has a lighter side. Bethenny has lunch with Lisa Lampanelli, and the conversation turns to how big Lisa’s husband’s balls are. At one point she compares them to bread rolls. I don’t think there is one inappropriate topic that has been glossed over on this show…and it’s fantastic. Jason and Bethenny also purchase their first apartment together, which is absolutely huge by Manhattan standards. It’s a good thing, since early on in the episode we see that her office looks almost identical to a three-ring circus. She has acquired quite a bigger staff…and they cannot fit in her apartment office-space. An intern is literally doing her work in the floor in the hallway.

Julie’s “Coordinator of Chaos” title is being utilized to the highest degree. The fact that an empire is run like this is both astonishing and troublesome. So, now they will be renovating their new space, which Bethenny is already stressing out about before it has begun (Bethenny can barely give herself a break to enjoy the moment for .2 seconds). Hopefully this season Bethenny and Jason’s marriage gets back on solid footing, and Nick makes so many appearances that he gets his own spin off! Okay, most likely not happening…but I can dream.

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