Previously on Survivor at the old Gen X tribe there were two alliances, Chris, Bret, and Sunday vs. David, Ken, and Jessica. After the merge, the Gen Xers were able to put their differences aside and formed a majority alliance with Hannah, Zeke, and Adam.  Although a majority alliance was formed, Adam and Taylor began sharing secrets and the alliance questioned Adam’s allegiance. At Tribal, the majority alliance decided to trust Adam, leaving Taylor, Jay, and Will on the outs as Michelle was blindsided becoming the eighth person voted out of Survivor and the first member of the jury.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 9 Recap: “Still Throwin’ Punches”

Vinaka Night 23

As the newly merged Vinaka tribe returns from their first Tribal, Jay remarks that Hannah, Zeke, and Adam are idiots for siding with the Gen Xers and voting out Michelle (TRUE. They should’ve voted out you instead).  Realizing that they are now on the bottom of the tribe, Taylor and Jay discuss finding a way into the majority alliance. Taylor expresses concern that Adam will tell everyone that he stole food, but promises to reveal Adam’s advantage to the tribe in retaliation. Taylor’s concerns quickly dissipate as he enjoys his stash of dried peaches.

Day 24

Jay realizes he needs to mend fences with some of his tribemates and asks Hannah why she voted out Michelle. Hannah explains that Jay treated her like the goat of the season (or a person that would be easy to beat in the final two) and had to change that perception. Hannah admits that playing Survivor is a dream of hers and as such she wants to start playing the game more aggressively (YAS get ‘em stealth queen, Hannah).

-Reward Challenge-

For the Reward Challenge, players are divided into two teams of six. Teams must race through a series of obstacles to retrieve a key which will be used to unlock a box. Teams must then drag the box through the sand and under a net. Once the box is through the net, one team member must use a machete to cut it open and retrieve five bolas. The first tribe to throw and land all five bolas onto their target will win reward.  The winning team will be taken to a resort where they will lounge poolside, eat cheeseburgers and fries, and be served cocktails (JEALOUS).

The purple team consisting of Ginger Hulk, David, Daddy Ken, Bret, Sunday, and Taylor takes an early lead over the orange team. Both teams struggle with the net obstacle, but it is the orange team that is ensnared and falls further behind in the challenge. Reaching the bolas first, Taylor makes quick work of the five targets and wins reward for the purple team (ugh I should be lounging poolside with Daddy Ken).

While on reward Bret gets drunk (er than me at brunch) and Sunday acknowledges that the Gen Xers are fractured because of their old tribe dynamics. Back at Vinaka, Jay talks to Adam to try and keep himself in the game. Adam arrogantly taunts Jay by telling him that he, Will, and Taylor are on the bottom and one of them will be voted out (tactless, foolish, DUMB). Jay relays Adam’s message back to Will, Hannah, and Zeke.  Zeke, frustrated with Adam’s comments, admits that he wanted to vote him out last Tribal.

Day 25

Sunday feels tension between her and Jessica ever since Sunday wrote her name down back at the old Gen X tribe. Believing that Jessica is gunning for her, Sunday wants to strike first and recruits Jay for the task.

-Immunity Challenge-

For the Immunity Challenge players must stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. At regular intervals players must move down to a narrower part of the beam. At any point if the ball drops or a player falls off of the beam they are eliminated. Last player standing will win individual immunity. Jeff tempts the castaways with food and drinks, offering any player that feels safe enough to sit out of the challenge to indulge in grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips, beer, and soft drinks. Zeke and Will decide to sit out of the challenge and take Jeff up on his offer.

Soon after the start of the challenge, Hannah is eliminated. After five minutes Jeff tells the remaining players they must move down to the next section and place one foot on the narrower beam. Sunday begins to struggle but is able to recover while Bret isn’t as lucky and is eliminated. Jeff calls for the remaining players to move down to the narrowest beam. Immediately after moving to the next section, Jessica, Sunday, David, and Ginger Hulk quickly drop out. Adam falls shortly afterwards with Jay close behind, leaving Taylor and Daddy Ken remaining. Daddy Ken manages to outlast Taylor and wins individual immunity (YASSSSS).

Back at Vinaka, the majority alliance discusses splitting the vote between Jay and Taylor in fear of an idol. Sunday tells Jay that she can’t swing the votes for Jess and that it is either he or Taylor tonight. Fearing one of them will be voted out; Taylor leads Jay to his hidden food bunker to have a feast before Tribal.  Taylor tells Jay about Adam’s advantage and says he wants to be an “avenger of Figgy” (d’awww) and plans to blow up Adam’s game at Tribal.

At Tribal Ginger Hulk tells Jay, Taylor, and Will to keep fighting because there are cracks in the alliance (WHAT). Hearing this, Taylor perks up and accuses Adam of helping him steal and bury the food. Taylor continues to paint a target on Adam’s back by telling the tribe about Adam’s reward advantage, stunning them. Amid the chaos, Jeff announces it is time to vote. As the votes are read, Taylor’s efforts to stay have failed as he receives six votes and becomes the ninth person voted out of the tribe and the second member of the jury. The preview for next week’s episode shows the Gen Xers imploding with half conspiring to vote out Chris and the other half to vote out Jessica. This seems to change as Will tells Zeke that Jay has an idol, which quickly spreads through the whole tribe. Tune in next Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.

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