Previously on Survivor within the three tribes the lines between Millennials and Gen Xers became blurred. At Takali, Adam betrayed Taylor when he sided with the Gen Xers to vote out Taylor’s showmance, Figgy. At Vanua, Zeke and David grew closer as David showed Zeke his idol. At Ikabula, the Millennials planned on sticking together until Jay decided to make a big move and rallied Will and the Gen Xers (leaving Hannah in the dark) to blindside Michaela making her the seventh person voted out of Survivor.

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ Episode 8 Recap

Ikabula Night 20

As Ikabula returns from Tribal, Jay admits that he thought Michaela was going to punch him in the face for blindsiding her (I wish she did). He explains that he had to vote Michaela out before the merge because her challenge prowess would prove to be too much of a threat for Individual Immunity.

After Michaela’s blindside, Hannah feels that she is at the bottom of her tribe since she was left in the dark for the vote. Jay explains himself to Hannah and Hannah feigns understanding but vows that she wants revenge and is ready to play (YES scorned Hannah, get that revenge!!).


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Day 21

The merge arrives and the remaining castaways rejoice for the promise of a new game. Daddy Ken and David reunite with David saying “we’re back together man” as the two hug (YES I’M STILL SHIPPING THEM).

With his former alliance members, Michelle and Taylor, back on his tribe as well as his alliance from Ikabula, Jay feels like the kingpin of the newly merged Vinaka tribe (oh how I hope Hannah snipes him). Zeke begins to notice Jay’s charm and capability to form a “bro-alliance” and wants his nerdy pals, Adam and Hannah, to strike first.

As the newly merged tribe enjoys their feast, Adam takes an opportunity to look for an idol. Adam finds a note at tree-mail which gives him an advantage that allows him to steal a reward after it is presented to the winners. Later on, as the rest of the tribe slept, Taylor sneaks off to steal some of the food but is noticed by Adam who takes the opportunity to try and mend his relationship with Taylor. Adam warns Taylor about Jay’s control of the tribe and how they should vote out Will, his right-hand man (WHY tell Taylor that, Adam?). Adam’s poor decisions continue as he reveals his advantage to Taylor. In an interview, Taylor says that Adam is dumb for thinking that he would ever work with him after blindsiding Figgy and that he is a fan of the “Survivor Revenge” (SAME) and wants to blindside Adam in the best way possible.

Vinaka Day 23

Predictably Taylor tells Jay Adam’s plan to blindside Will, which makes Jay want to blindside Adam first. Zeke overhears the two talking and wants to mobilize his nerd alliance for a preemptive strike. Right before the Immunity Challenge, Taylor warns Will of Adam’s plan and Will says Adam is a rat and vows to win immunity.

-Immunity Challenge-

For the first individual Immunity Challenge of the season, players must stand on a thin perch with both arms above their head. Their arms are attached to a bar which is attached to a bucket filled with water. If their arms drop the bucket of water will splash out and eliminate them from the challenge. The last person standing wins immunity. This challenge is a spin on a classic Survivor challenge, upgraded to be more difficult.

Sunday is the first out of the challenge with Ginger Hulk and Bret following shortly after. Ten minutes elapse before the challenge claims its next two victims, Jay and Zeke. Daddy Ken (who looks amazing per usual) is eliminated sixth with Hannah and Michelle following suit. Five castaways remain in the challenge as Jeff repeats positive mantras to boost morale. Taylor, David, and then Adam fall out of challenge leaving Jessica and Will remaining. The battle between the lone Gen Xer and the lone Millennial continues for an hour and a half before Jessica falls and grants Will individual immunity (ugh).

Back at Vinaka, the scrambling begins as Jay tells Hannah and Michelle to vote out Adam. Michelle thinks Jay’s idea is purely personal and not strategic and that they should vote out a Gen Xer. Zeke tells Adam about Taylor and Jay’s plan to blindside him, which sends Adam spiraling out of control. In true rat fashion, Adam says he is willing to work with anyone to stay in the game. The nerd alliance and the Gen Xers want to target Michelle because they know for sure that she does not have the idol. Despite having the numbers, paranoid Adam asks Taylor to target anyone else but him (RAT). The nerd alliance notice Adam’s paranoia being a liability which prompts Hannah and Zeke to consider blindsiding him instead.

At Tribal David calls out the Millennials for eating the food and Bret specifically blames Taylor. Taylor is unremorseful and cites a “medical emergency” as the reason for his theft. Ginger Hulk calls Taylor selfish but he just shrugs off the comment. Jeff points out Taylor’s apathy which Hannah writes off as his ‘chill bro” attitude. Taylor, being one brain cell away from a “cowabunga”, responds with a cliché “rock on, dude” and a dumb laugh (UGH). As the votes are read, Taylor, Jay, and Will are left shocked as Michelle is blindsided by a vote of 9 to 4. After Michelle’s torch is snuffed, Jeff asks the remaining castaways: “Every time lines are drawn in the sand, the question is will they be there in the morning or will the tides of Fiji wash them away?” (Hit them with the wisdom, Jeff!). The preview for next week’s episode shows Adam telling Jay, Will, and Taylor that they are on the bottom of the tribe (dumbass) which prompts Taylor to consider revealing Adam’s advantage to the whole tribe. Tune in next Wednesday at 8pm EST for an all-new episode of Survivor.


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