In Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics, India.Arie throws away the conception that popular music today has to be filled with vulgarity, sex and materialization. She focuses her soul, her R&B that has been lost in the ’90s, on two of the biggest topics today (and of anytime): love and politics. Now, Vol. 1 dealt a lot with relationships (AKA love), so I don’t necessarily see how this is unique in that respect, but, hey, girl can make some music. She starts out with Gramps Morgan singing about "Therapy" in a beautifully rhythmic song that belongs on stage for the world with two of the best interpretive dancers. She tells a story about falling in love with a boy, letting her "take deep breaths…ease my mind…work your psychology." Professing her love to a fast-paced, jumpy beat, she is having so much fun making up lovely scenarios that nearly all girls dream about and it shows. She goes further to show us her next to Musiq Soulchild in "Chocolate High" giving us a mix of John Mayer, Alicia Keys, and even Beyonce. It’s an impressive mix, and Musiq Soulchild could not have been a better match for her. Their voices need no interlude, and simply intertwine perfectly. The song isn’t to be taken too seriously, but gives one the feeling of the fun new relationship of two people always craving one another, always teasing one another. But this is India.Arie, and she does get serious very quickly in "He Heals Me." Her voice shines, coming out simply in the deep, encapsulating manner that sings one to sleep, as she recounts another story about falling in love, about the realization of the man she needs, she wants. He heals her, and she pushes us to want that too. She definitely knows what every woman – every person, actually – wants. Then, she shows us "A Beautiful Day" in an inspirational plea to everyone to go outside and just live. The beat is simple as it is in the rest of the album, as India.Arie is used to. The stories are vivid. Her voice is powerful. She pushes the world and she discovers herself, playing at the dreams of every listener. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an afternoon of calm, fun self-discovery and love. It’s India, and she’ll make your day beautiful with this album.


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