August Alsina has made a comeback in his music career with his new single “Entanglements” featuring Rick Ross, a direct response to his recently confirmed love affair with Jada Pinkett Smith

There was much speculation about his relationship with Smith until Alsina confirmed it on a recent interview with Angela Yee

With everyone shocked by the news, Smith was forced to publicly confirm the details of the affair on her streaming talk show The Red Table alongside her actor husband Will Smith.  

Social media took jabs at the relationship making jokes and memes that were shared around. Many celebrities participated in the trolling, which even lead to 50 Cent getting into a fight with Will Smith on Instagram.

The song overall is erotic and sensual. It describes the romantic relationship the two had, but the track doesn’t live up to the drama it stemmed from. 

Alsina will need to bounce back even bigger than this, but it was still a worthy attempt to get attention.

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