Jungle’s debut album Jungle, gets 5 stars out of 5. Just click “play” on the video below, let the music speak for itself and we might just call it a day:

But in case that wasn't enough to convince you to rush over to your local record store or click “buy” in iTunes, then I will offer you my musings about why Jungle is the best album I have heard all summer. (The things I do for you people.)

It all started last year when an unknown British duo, Jungle, began releasing singles – “Platoon,” “The Heat” and “Drops” to name a few. Even when the band wasn’t yet recognized on a larger scale, their mysteriously groovy image was enough to garner some attention from a niche audience. But even then, nobody really knew anything about the two musicians, known as “J” and “T.” Their shrouded persona is reminiscent Daft Punk, another mysterious duo, who wear electronic masks and never speak. It’s actually refreshing and, frankly, more interesting to see a band care more about their music than their image.


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Jungle is an album that rides the retro fad bandwagon, but it rides it like a shiny Cadillac. Jungle’s synth pop style was brought back from the 80s; however, unlike other retro albums, Jungle is more subtle about its delivery. The music is spacey and seamless, but it never competes with the vocals, creating a sublime experience that you can lose yourself in. It’s the kind of music that you can sit down and listen to, or play in the background and while you get work done. The music is never distracting or obnoxious, but interesting enough that it never fades completely.

The album starts with “The Heat,” a cleverly delivered experience that will instantly hook you in with its buttery-smooth instrumentals. But even after this attractive introduction, there are no low points or anticlimactic moments; each new song is more surprising than the last. From the exhilarating rhythms of “Busy Earnin’” to the quiet yet quirky beats of “Lemonade Lake,” the album takes you on a glamorous journey.

Jungle is stylish, bold and, quite honestly, sexy. Consider me seduced. Oh, and did I mention they have even more music videos as rad as the one above?

These two fellas will show you a thing or two about roller-skating:

B-girl Terra will school you at break dancing. Isn’t she the cutest?

If there were a con I would have to point out about Jungle, it would be that perhaps it’s just too good. This is going to be one tough act to follow for the new band.


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