Hunter Hayes’ second album, Storyline, is a mix of both up-tempo catchy tracks and slower inspirational ballads. Hayes, a Louisiana native, is an award-winning country singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and this album gives listeners a chance to see deeper into the life of the 22-year-old artist. His songs reveal the struggles he faced as a young boy being bullied, as well as the challenges of figuring out love as an adolescent and adult. I must admit, I never listened to Hunter Hayes until now, and this album has definitely made me a fan.

Not only are the tracks filled with amazing instrumentals, but also the lyrics tell a story that anyone could relate to. My favorite song of the album is the lead single “Invisible,” which Hayes debuted live at the GRAMMY Awards in January. As a young boy, Hayes was bullied and felt like an outcast. He found solace in music and put all his time into writing songs. “Invisible” is an intimate look into the effects Hayes felt by being an outcast. As bullying has become an epidemic in our society, “Invisible” is a powerful reminder that anyone who is being bullied should remember: “Someday you’ll look back on all these days and all this pain is gonna be invisible.”

Love is another major theme inspected in many of the 14 tracks that make up the album. Whether you’re someone who is happily in a relationship or someone who is going through a break-up, you’ll find songs you can relate to. ‘Still Fallin’ is a ballad about experiencing the newness and excitement of falling in love with someone even after being together for a long time. “When Did You Stop Loving Me” is a song for all of you going through a heartbreak. A less than two minute track titled “… like I was saying (jam)” is an extension of “When Did You Stop Loving Me” and is exactly what it says it is – a jam. It’s upbeat, loud and basically Hayes jamming out.

“Wild Card” is another personal favorite that kicks off the album with an up-tempo and catchy track. By the end of the song, you’ll be singing along and hitting repeat. “Storyline” is also a high-energy track about love and not listening to what other people say, but writing your own love story.

Overall, Storyline exemplifies the amazing talent of Hunter Hayes as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter. The tracks are a perfect mix of upbeat and catchy songs juxtaposed with slower, more somber ballads. Each track tells a story that fans to relate to and on the whole, the album allows fans to connect with Hayes on a new level.

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