Adelitas Way’s latest album Stuck isn’t necessarily stuck in the past with its pure rock and roll tracks. The album takes a chance at ignoring the makings of pop-rock music and goes back to the genre at a bare bones approach. And best of all, it works.

I wouldn’t say that Adelitas Way created an innovative album with Stuck, nor am I listing that as a negative here. It’s far from being deconstructive. Instead, Stuck stays true to the rock and roll genre without the alternations and pop influences that contemporary artists have imbued in their music today. The album is a collection of old-school rock tunes unaffected by electronic and technological gimmicks. Each instrument is heard loud in clear in the first song “Dog On a Leash,” which leaves you with the impression that the rest of the album is just as organic.

Vocals, guitar, drums, and bass are the raw ingredients for this album. Each song highlights different aspects of their music. Robert Zakaryan’s guitar roars loudly above all in “Blur.” Then you have Rick DeJesus, whose leading vocals are clean-cut in “Change the Earth.” And when you listen to “Drive,” you won’t really listen to the instrumentals as much as you would listen to the lyrics, which are constructed into a poetic narrative.

Many rock bands today loose sight of what makes this music genre so awesome. Rock and roll has been bogged down by gimmicks and tricks, as if the genre was suffering without he aid of pop influences. But Adelitas Way defiantly goes back to basics with Stuck. The album takes the raw elements of rock and roll to produce a genuine experience that seems lost in new-age rock music.


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