Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick as Beca, an antisocial wannabe DJ and college freshman who is forced into joining the Barden Bellas, a disgraced all-girl a cappella group. Aubrey (Anna Camp), the Bellas’ leader, projectile vomited during their performance at Nationals the year before, costing them their chance at first place. In order to salvage their reputation, Aubrey and cofounder, Chloe (Brittany Snow) assemble a ragtag team of girls, including Beca and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). The film follows the girls’ hilarious struggles as they prepare for upcoming competitions, with a distinct focus on Beca’s effort to become more sociable and her budding romance with rival a cappella singer Jesse (Skylar Astin). Despite their shortcomings, the group does qualify for regionals and advances to the semifinals.

Tensions begin to rise when Beca suggests performing something more contemporary and a little less predictable. Aubrey, whose rule over the girls borders on dictator, wants to stick to the Barden Bellas’ history of clean-cut costumes and 80s pop songs. During semifinals, Beca freshens up their dull performance by singing La Roux’s “Bulletproof” in the background. Aubrey is hardly impressed by her impromptu decision, and Beca leaves the group. Beca, now at odds with the Bellas and Jesse, starts to reevaluate her loner status and, after seeking her dad’s advice, with whom she was also estranged, returns to ask the Bellas’ forgiveness, reinvent their image and participate in Nationals.

Pitch Perfect is the collegiate mash-up of Mean Girls and FOX’s Glee, and it's just as enjoyable, if not more. Viewers will gain a newfound appreciation for a cappella groups – it is truly amazing when not one note of music is used, especially in the song-and-dance numbers of Pitch Perfect. While its ending is no surprise and the lip-syncing is a bit off in some scenes, the film lends much of its originality and success to its seamlessly-orchestrated mash-ups and talented cast. Wilson, who is best known for her role as Kristen Wiig’s clueless roommate in Bridesmaids, earns many of the laughs here through improvised delivery. Self-proclaimed Fat Amy is confident, shameless, and humorously awkward – when asked why she named herself that, she says “Yeah, so twig b—— like you don’t do it behind my back.” Even if musicals might not be your film of choice, watch it for the humor. You will not be disappointed.

Bonus features of the Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack offer many insightful looks into the making of Pitch Perfect and include: deleted and extended scenes, line-o-ramas, “A Look Inside Pitch Perfect,” feature commentaries and “Starships: The Pitch Perfect Music Video With Mike Tompkins.” The Blu-Ray disc also features a handy bookmarking option which allows you to save your favorite scenes.

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