A stirring new production of Death Of A Salesman from the Young Vic Theater in London premiered this week on Broadway at the Hudson Theatre, marking the first time an all-black cast has played the roles of the Lohman family in the iconic Arthur MiIller play.

The Lohman family is helmed by Willie (Wendell Pierce), who is, you guessed it, a traveling salesman, at the end of his career who finds all his worth in pursuing the American Dream, worshipping unsuccessfully at the alter of Success.

He tries his best to pull up his two sons Biff (Khris Davis) and Happy (McKinley Belcher III) along with him. While Biff falters and rebels and Happy pines for his dad’s approval, wife Linda Lohman (Sharon D. Clark) stands stoically by her man. “Attention must be paid!” she memorably repeats, highlighting Willie’s struggle to rise from obscurity.

This production, directed by Miranda Cromwell, injects the lense of race onto a play well known as a class-struggle drama. Strong performances by Pierce and Davis, in particular, help to elevate the production. Attention should, indeed, be paid to this exciting production.

Death Of A Salesman is now playing at Broadway’s Hudson Theatre (141 W. 44th Street, N.Y.)

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