A controversial nativity scene featuring an undead baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Wise Men, has reappeared this year on local Sycamore Township, Ohio, man Jasen Dixon‘s front lawn, WCPO reports. Dixon was ordered by local authorities to remove the manger but not for reasons you might expect.

Zombie Nativity Scene Returns To Small Town Ohio

Dixon erected the display last year, raising over $1,000 for building materials and receiving national media attention — the story appearing in the New York TimesWashington Post and Vice among others.

Though many objected to the scene’s content, legal action was only taken against Dixon in relation to its structure. “This was never about the zombies,” said township zoning administrator Harry Holbert, “but rather that the manger was 15-feet high.”

The structure could be considered a accessory structure due to its height and it’s illegal to build accessory structures at the front of a house. Dixon found a loophole, however, removing the scene’s roof to decrease its size.

The structure is no longer in violation of zoning laws and Dixon is perfectly within is rights to display it. Zombie Jesus is here to stay.

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