Zach Sobiech, an 18-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer at 14, posted a YouTube video performing a song he wrote after learning of his grim prognosis. Since then, the video has received nearly 3 million views, and inspired a remarkable copycat video starring a slew of notable actors and musicians.

Sobiech, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma four years ago, had exhausted treatment options last May and was given only a year more to live. It was around that time when Sobiech’s mother found a crumbled piece of paper with the original lyrics to “Clouds,” the heartfelt song that’s now reached millions of people.

On Monday, a video was posted to YouTube featuring dozens of celebrities lip-syncing to Sobiech’s “Clouds.” Among the celebrities who participated in the digital love letter were Brian Cranston, Sarah Silverman, Colbie Caillat, Chris Pratt, Jason Mraz, Jenna Fischer, Rachel Bilson and Rainn Wilson. It was directed and produced by Justin Baldoni.


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Baldoni has also taken on a documentary project featuring Sobiech, which he turned into an online reality series on Wilson’s SoulPancake YouTube channel. At the beginning of the documentary, the Minnesotan teenager says, "You know most people live kind of in the middle, in between 'all your dreams come true' and 'you're dying,' and it's a very comfortable place to live. I'm living on the two extreme ends, so you have really, really good days and you have really, really bad days.

"I want everyone to know: You don't have to find out you're dying to start living."

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