The Tomorrow War star Yvonne Strahovski showed off her baby bump, revealing her second pregnancy with husband Tim Loden, at the movie’s premiere on Thursday night. She wore a stunning fitted white dress with gold bands on her long-sleeved ensemble. Strahovski’s hair was cut short and styled back. While posing for photographs, she occasionally grabbed pretzels from her clutch purse, joyfully adding, “I need these for the pregnancy.”

Strahovski stars in the film alongside Chris Pratt, acting as a military leader from the future who aids Pratt in a battle with aliens. The Tomorrow War was originally set for a theatrical release with Paramount in December 2020 before it was moved back as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its premiere was pushed back to July 23, 2021, but the distribution rights were later bought by Amazon Prime Video for around $200 million. The Tomorrow War debuted on the streaming platform on July 2.

The film tells the story of a biology teacher and former Green Beret (Pratt) who is drafted into a war that takes place 30 years in the future. He and his fellow soldiers must find a way to save humanity from the brink of destruction by fighting against an alien force.

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