President Barack Obama was given a tube of green lipstick to give to his wife, Michelle Obama, during an interview with YouTuber GloZell Green.

President Obama participated in a YouTube Q&A event on Thursday, in which three of YouTube’s biggest stars got to conduct one-on-one interviews with the President that were broadcast on the video sharing site. Green, who boasts 3 million followers, joined Bethany Mota (8 million followers) and Hank Green (2.4 million) in three back-to-back interviews.

GloZell Green Gives Obama Green Lipstick

While Green asked the President a few more serious questions – including “How can we bridge the gap between black African-American males and white cops?” – she also had a few silly moments. At the end of her time, Green handed President Obama three of her signature green lipsticks – one for each of his daughters and one for his wife, the First Lady.

Green, apparently a bit flustered, called Michelle Obama his “first wife” by accident, causing the President to joke, “My first wife? Do you know something I don’t know?”

“Oh no! One for the First Lady and two for the first children,” Green corrected herself, adding, “I’m sorry.”

(Skip to the end of the video to see the awkward moment.)

Green was clearly upset at her mistake, but the President continued to keep the mood light, adding, “I’m going to see how it looks…I’m gonna ask Michelle to try it on later tonight.”

You can watch the entire YouTube Interview below:

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