A video of a buffalo running into his parked car in Yellowstone National Park has gone viral.

Buffalo Runs Into Parked Car In Yellowstone National Park

Tom Carter, either a very lucky tourist or a very unlucky tourist, was in an SUV with a friend when he spotted a buffalo charging down the street. Carter reportedly thought the buffalo would run right past the parked car, and was shocked when, instead, the buffalo ran head first into the car.

“Don’t run into our car!” Carter yells in the video.

“I really thought they were just going to run right by. After he rammed us, the other two just stopped,” Carter told USA Today Network.

Carter, who later uploaded the video to YouTube, said that he thinks the buffalo were agitated by cars chasing them in the opposite direction.

“There is a line of cars that is chasing the buffalo. Park regulations say you should not harass the wildlife and really what they should have done once they agitated the three buffalo is they should have given them space, but they did not,” Carter added.

Carter uploaded a second video allowing audiences to see the damage to the car, which he claims his insurance company has estimated at $2,787.82.

Despite the scary interaction, Carter revealed that he wasn’t afraid of the buffalo, saying, “I was never worried about my personal safety. He picked on somebody his own size [the car].”

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