Former WWE star Barry Windham suffered a heart attack this weekend that has left him in the ICU fighting for his life.

The 62-year-old went into cardiac arrest on Friday evening according to his niece, Mika Rotunda.

Rotunda shared that Windham had an emergency procedure but, as of Monday, said “the future is uncertain.”


She created a GoFundMe to help her uncle with the medical expenses, as he doesn’t have health insurance due to the limited work he’s had in the last several years.

“After those countless years of wrestling matches, traveling and entertaining worldwide, he experienced a number of taxing injuries and ended up undergoing multiple surgeries,” Rotunda wrote. “That led to other health complications. Barry hung his boots for the last time in the early 2000s.”

She continued that besides financial struggles, the family was enduring “great stress and hardship,” all of which were “overwhelming.”

Many fans donated and expressed their support.

“Barry, for all you have given to me over the years… now it’s time I give back,” one donor wrote. “Not one person I know has ever said a negative thing of you! You can pull through this Barry… you’ve got this. You’re my forever world champ!”

Another fan commented that she was donating because “none of us know when we are going to need a little help.”

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