The Miz (aka Mike Mizanin) took home the first win of Wrestlemania 29, earning the title of WWE Intercontinental Champion.

The Miz defeated Wade Barrett, forcing him to submit during Wreslemania 29. Barrett put on a scrappy performance, abandoning finesse and technique for bold swipes at The Miz’s groin. He came close to ending the fight with a bull hammer elbow, but Miz deftly averted the effort and got Barrett into a leg lock.

When Barrett broke free, he once again seemed poised to end the fight as the victor. He raised the Miz up and slammed him hard on the mat and covered him. This time, it was The Miz’s turn to break free. He re-applied the hold to Barrett and forced into tapping out.

Before becoming a famous WWE Superstar, The Miz appeared on MTV’s Real World: Back to New York in 2001. He came back to MTV to compete in the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge series, as well as Tough Enough, where he came in second.

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