On October 17, many fans on Twitter began insulting the popular actor Chris Pratt for allegedly being a supporter of President Donald Trump. Over the past few years, Pratt has gained huge  popularity with his career, especially as the character Peter Quill/Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy film series. There have been rumors of Pratt apparently being a Republican. While there is obviously nothing wrong with that, Pratt has openly stated that he does not particularly fall on either side of the political spectrum, refusing to choose an official side.

The controversy regarding Pratt and his political views arose on October 17, when a poll was posted on Twitter that asked which of the four popular actors named Chris would fans drop if given the chance. One user immediately chose Pratt and accused the actor of being a Trump supporter stating “Chris Pratt. Sadly the Trump supporter stuff disqualifies him despite all the of delightful Andy Dwyer/Johnny Karate/Bert Macklin glory.”

After this accusation was leveled, several other users on Twitter joined in on denouncing the actor and chose him as the “Hollywood Chris” they could do without. It is obviously not a secret that Trump is a controversial figure, as many celebrities who have publicly voiced their support of the president have received a harsh backlash on Twitter like Jon Voight and Kirstie Alley. However, unlike a Voight and Alley, who have made their support of Trump clear to the public, Pratt has not made his support of Trump official and there has not been any actual evidence that supports the accusation. The claim that Pratt is a Republican and a Trump supporter is further challenged by the fact that he has donated $1,000 to the Barack Obama campaign during the 2012 presidential election.

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