Wilmer Valderrama returned to the small screen earlier this year in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series as Carlos Madrigal, a boss of an underground world.

Wilmer Valderrama Talks ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

On From Dusk Till Dawn, Valderrama not only gets to work with director Robert Rodriguez, but also with the material from esteemed writer and director Quentin Tarrantino. “Robert’s directing, and to see Quentin Tarrantino’s characters come to life on television, is exciting,” Valderrama told uInterview exclusively. “And to be a bad guy, I’m one of the main bad guys in the whole series in the universe of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarrantino, is just so exciting.”

Continuing on about Rodriguez, who Valderrama calls and “icon,” the actor explained, “I think Robert Rodriguez as a director has not only made a splash but has made some of the most iconic films of our generation. He’s defined the genre.”

“To have someone like him come to television and give it a stab and have an original series to kick off the El Rey,” continued Valderrama, “I mean he created and curated a network that the people needed. A network that is opinionated, that has a real opinion, and had a point of view on its content.”

Valderrama On Getting In Shape

Valderrama, best known for playing the loveable Fez on That ’70s Show, had to bulk up to play Carlos, a physically tougher and more intimidating character than he’s played in the past. In order to increase his size, Valderrama has committed to a taxing workout regimen.

“I’m working out twice a day, and I’m eating like six times a day and eating crazy amounts of protein,” Valderrama revealed to uInterview. “I’m not doing it alone though, I’m doing it with my trainer Ronny Camacho who’s one of the best trainers in town.… Ronny has this crazy regimen: we workout at 7 a.m., and we workout at 7 p.m. right when I come home from the office.”

The first season of From Dusk Till Dawn, which builds off Rodriguez’s film of the same name, is currently available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon, and for purchase on iTunes.

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