Ever wanted to be the best at fighting games — to crush your foes, not by yourself, but by using characters with ab muscles you could only dream of attaining? Ignore your body-related desires, with Daigo “The Beast” Umehara’s new self-help book for spiritual and fighting game prowess, The Will to Keep Winning, the time to get good at video games is now!

Most of you are probably like “who the hell is Daigo, why should I care, and why won’t you let me drink my cherry soda in peace?” Well first of all, cherry soda sucks, it’s terrible for you, and you should be ashamed. Secondly, of course I’ll tell you all about Daigo Umehara, thanks for asking, kiddo!

Famed for his 2004 “EVO Moment 37,” which was perhaps the most stylish comeback win at a fighting game tournament, Daigo fought his way to the top over multiple occasions, currently holding the world record for “the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter.” Naturally, others would be interested in the talent that resulted in him earning over $175,000 through tournament winnings and sponsorships, which is where the book comes in. Initially available in Japanese in 2012, the book is finally available in English for Amazon download and delivery as of August 4. Why did it take so long? Great question. I’m certain that’s a question that deserves an answer.

If you’re like most and you’re not interested in becoming a fighting game pro, you can still get some great insight from reading Daigo’s book. The answer to what it takes to be a world champion, what it takes to remain a world champion, avoiding complacency, succeeding in competitions, and much more. Some excerpts from the book are widely applicable to daily life, such as when he describes what it takes to be a winner: “one must find and maintain a delicate balance of neither being arrogant after winning, nor becoming self-deprecating after a loss, and to face and focus on the game itself.”

Do you really want me to spoil the book’s deep secrets and tips through this simple, 500-word limit review? Actually, I’m sure you do. In that case – buy the book. It’s as simple as that. I can review the book all I want and never support the official release.

Being a fighting game champion might not be the most rewarding job in the world nor is it a widely respected title, but Daigo has made it possible for anyone to apply their own life to his experiences so they can grow. Whether you want to follow in the fighting game celebrity’s footsteps or you simply want to better yourself in general, The Will to Keep Winning captures the talents, intelligence, and journey of a competitor for this purpose.

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