Will Ferrell returned to host Saturday Night Live, opening with a sketch in which he played former United States president, George W. Bush.

The SNL sketch that has been dubbed as “one of the best Bush sketches the show has served up in terms of laughs,” by CNN, brought the Anchorman star back to SNL to conduct a night of remembrance of the former president but not without taking a few jabs at the current president, Donald Trump.

In the sketch, Mr. Bush has earned his online M.F.A. in oil painting from the University of Phoenix, and built a set of the Oval Office in his basement in Texas so that he can “pretend to still be president sometimes.”

Ferrell as Bush opened the show by saying, “You might remember, the W stands for wassssup!” and reminding the world that contrary to popular belief in light of the current president, Donald Trump, “I was really bad,” adding, “Don’t forget, we’re still in two different wars that I started. Who has two thumbs up and created ISIS? This guy.”

It’s true – since he left office, Bush’s approval rating has grown from 33% to 61%. “That’s right,” Ferrell said, “Donny Q. Trump came in, and suddenly I’m looking pretty sweet by comparison. At this rate, I might even end up on Mount Rushmore, right next to Washington, Lincoln, and I want to say, uh, Kensington?”

Ferrell reminded the audience of striking similarities between Trump and Bush, one of them being that they both won the presidential election despite losing the popular vote. “Though back in my day, we didn’t let Russians rig our elections,” Ferrell said, “We used the Supreme Court, like Americans.”

Ferrell was later joined by Leslie Jones, star of the promo in which she reenacts Ferrell’s most classic moments on SNL, appeared playing Condoleezza Rice in a duet of the All in the Family theme song, “Those Were The Days,” as the pair reminisced about their time together in office.



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