Henry Cavill has been opening up about his relationship with 19-year-old Tara King while doing the promo rounds for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Who Is Tara King?

King, who has been dating Cavill since at least as far back as October, is a student at Bristol University. Not much else is known about the young woman 13 years Cavill’s junior, but the actor hasn’t been shy about talking about the relationship.

Last month, Cavill, 32, admitted that upon meeting King, it was he who was the nervous one. “When I met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I wanted to impress her,” he told Elle magazine. “I was thinking, Don’t mess this up, Man.”

He also defended their relationship against critics who take issue with the age difference between them.

“People say, ‘Age is just a number.’ A lot of times it’s not just a number. It’s actually a real and true sign of someone’s maturity. But in this case, she’s fantastic,” Cavill said, adding of the criticism, “It’s a natural reaction. But when I was 19, I was going out with a 32-year-old.”

More recently, Cavill complained about how women continue to throw themselves at him while he has King at his side.

“I’ve heard some things in my time, I have to say,” Cavil told the Sunday Times, of being hit on by fans. “I’d best not say what. I don’t mind it — not unless I’m with my girlfriend and someone is being complimentary to me in order to disrespect her. People who don’t respect other people’s feelings really get my goat.”

Cavill was first spotted with King at his side last October at a rugby match at London’s Twickenham Stadium. He previously dated Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and had been in a longterm relationship with MMA fighter and actress Gina Carano.

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