Kanye West has found a new protégé in 17-year-old singer Pia Mia, but his time spent with the young singer is rumored to have made his fiancé Kim Kardashian jealous.

Kim Kardashian Jealous Of Pia Mia?

Pia Mia, born Pia Mia Perez, has been working with West and his production company, GOODMUSIC. West reportedly believes she is “the next Rihanna.”

According to a report by Radar Online, West and Mia have developed a close friendship that might exceed that of mentor and mentee.

“Kanye called her [while on a shoot] and the conversation sounded kind of flirty and romantic. It could be that they are just good friends, but it was definitely more than just a professional call,” a source who worked on the shoot told Radar Online.

The report continues, claiming that West has been bringing Mia in to consult on many of his design projects, something that may have driven a wedge between West and Kardashian.

“Kanye’s creative team was pretty shocked that he would use a teenager as his confidante. And Kim was actually kind of agitated by it because he doesn’t usually want her input on design stuff. She was a little jealous,” the source revealed.

Pia Mia Friends With Kylie Jenner

Of course, the rumors are just rumors. Mia is also good friends with Kardashian’s younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Kardashian herself said that West will frequently bring over his designs and use Kendall, Kylie and their friends as taste testers.

“He uses it kind of like as a workshop also, because my little sisters are always there with their friends. So when he’s designing for his Adidas line he’ll bring all the samples and totally use them as a study group to see if they like it,” Kardashian told Seth Meyers during her recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In fact, it would appear that Kylie has been friends with Mia for years, and she was the one who introduced Mia to the family, including West. In fact, Mia has many famous friends, including the Jenners, Vanessa Hudgens’ little sister Stella, Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia Richie, and Willow and Jayden Smith.

In a video posted by Kardashian on Keek in August of 2013, Mia is seen singing her cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” at the Kardashian family dinner table in front of West and the rapper Drake himself.

Mia, originally from Guam, is an up and coming singer who recently released her first EP titled The Gift in February and released a single with Bella Thorne in 2011. Asside from music, Mia also works as a model and has worked for Madonna’s young adult clothing line, Material Girl.

Currently, Mia is featured on the Divergent movie soundtrack with a song recorded for the film, “Fight For You” featuring Chance The Rapper.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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