A photo tweeted by the White House on First Lady Melania Trump‘s birthday has left many social media users asking “why?”

The tweet, which has attracted more than 12,000 comments, simply reads “Happy Birthday, @FLOTUS!” and is accompanied by a photo of the first lady sitting alone on the far end of a couch, surrounded by an army of photographers and reporters in the Oval Office.

The photo has generated numerous memes and questions from Twitter users about why the White House chose to share a photo in which the first lady looks “sad” on her birthday.


“I literally can’t believe how sad this picture is,” one tweet said in response to the photo.

“I don’t understand why the White House would post such a sad, lonely photo of Melania for her birthday,” another Twitter user said. “Regardless what I think of her and her family, this is just weird.”

The photo appears to have been taken during the Oval Office meeting between the Trumps, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and his wife, Monika Babisova in Washington last month.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared a smiling photo of the first lady, wishing her a happy birthday and calling her “a great representative for our country.”

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