After a week in which attention has been almost exclusively dedicated to the destruction caused on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy, people are getting back to the overarching topic of the presidential election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, which dominated the news before the natural disaster, and will be decided today at the polls by citizens across the nation.

While a lot of Americans are wondering where they should go to vote, we have some helpful information for people in both Sandy-stricken zones and otherwise, for those voters who have not had the opportunity to vote early or by absentee ballot. To get information on voting conventions in your state, visit the United States Election Assistance Commission here.

You can also use CNN's Voter Information Tool to determine your exact voting location, based on where you are registered to vote. Keep in mind that, if you are in one of the locations affected by Hurricane Sandy, your scheduled voting location might have changed, in which case you can find out a new one by texting "NYCVOTES" (in English) or "DONDE" (in Spanish) to 877-877, if you live in New York. Provided you cannot get to your local voting location in New York, keep in mind that voters are always able to cast their ballots at individual borough offices at the New York Board of Elections.

Across the nation, polls do not close until 7 p.m., with many states going as late as 9 p.m. You can find out what time the polls close in your state here.

Chances are your favorite celebrities are also asking the same questions about where they go to vote right about now, as many have joined the Rock the Vote campaign this year and done individual political PSAs to talk about the importance of getting out there to make your mark.

"Make time in your day tomorrow to vote," tweeted Rob Lowe last night, also taking time to say, "Thanks to all volunteer on both sides for your passion for our great country. Now we all must do our part. Vote!!"

The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder revealed his own loyalties in his pro-voting tweet. "See you at the polls!" he wrote. "Good luck Mr. President I look forward to having breakfast with you again! Vote vote vote!"

Stephen Colbert added his typical levity to his encouragement. "Make sure you get out there and VOTE today!" he tweeted. "Then enjoy your orange juice and cookie… wait! Did I just give blood by mistake."

Justin Bieber, who turned 18 earlier this year, encouraged prospective voters with his own sob story. "im 18…but i cant vote…im Canadian," he reminded everyone.

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