Wendy Williams found herself a little light-headed and fainted while doing a live taping of her talk show The Wendy Williams Show.


In fact, the host fainted in the middle of the program’s annual “How You Doin’ Halloween Costume Contest.” Williams, 53, swayed back and forth and slurred her words before going down. A stage hang immediately rushed to her aid and the show went to a commercial break. Many in the audience laughed at first, assuming her actions were part of the show

“That was not a stunt,” Williams said when the show returned. “I’m overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But you know what, I’m a champ and I’m back.” The crowd roared with applause at that. Williams was dressed in a green statue of liberty costume, complete with a wig and a crown when she went down, and amazingly continued to wear the piece for the rest of the show.

The host emerged from the studio garage around 12:20 p.m. this afternoon and briefly stuck her head out of the car window. “I’m ok,” she told reporters. “I’m going home, thank you.” Since then, two posts have been made on the show’s Twitter page. The first was written on her behalf and said, “Wendy is feeling much better. She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup, and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. Thank you for your well wishes.”

Then, an hour later, Williams posted one herself: “Everybody relax. I’m going fine, just need some water and electrolytes. On another note, I slayed and laid Halloween, LOL! Shout out to my magnificent Glam Squad and Ceaser Galindo the costume designer. More on this tomorrow.”

See all the components of Williams’ Statue of Liberty costume and where to get them below.

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