In an inconceivable reunion, stars of The Princess Bride banded together on live-streamed script reading on Sunday. The reading was hosted as a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and over 110,000 fans pitched in. The call hosted not only many of the film’s original stars, but also special guests such as Whoopi Goldberg, Finn Wolfhard, King Bach and others.

Mandy Patinkin, who portrayed the character Inigo Montoya for both the original film and the recent event, was a fan favorite throughout the night. His famous scene, where he delivers the iconic line “you killed my father, prepare to die,” went particularly well at the event.

Viewers also enjoyed Billy Crystal‘s commitment to his reprise of his Miracle Max role, to which he added a set and costume to complete the experience.

The hat he wore for the reading was the same hat he wore in the original movie.

Many others noticed that there was a hint of foreshadowing in the original film, in a line delivered by Cary Elwes as Westley about masks that went over completely differently in the 2020 reading.

Finally, despite many lamenting Andre the Giant’s passing, Josh Gads portrayal of his character Fezzik served as consolation to the torn-up fans, as did the hour-long panel after the reading where the cast members talked about their experiences with Andre while shooting the film.


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