House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night, and discussed everything from serious topics like the $2 trillion coronavirus federal aid package and the Truman commission, to more lighthearted topics like the power of dance and dark chocolate.

Speaker Pelosi video chatted with Stephen Colbert from the Capitol, and explained that although everyone should be staying home as much as possible, the House still has a responsibility to stay in session.


“We are really working constantly to prepare for our next bill, but also to make sure the legislation that was passed and signed by the president on Friday was fully implemented to meet the needs of America’s working families,” she said. She highlighted the fact that there are many provisions in the bill to stop companies from misusing funds from the federal government, though during the signing ceremony, President Donald Trump said he would ignore Congressional oversight. Colbert was shocked, and asked the speaker to explain.

“He issued a signing statement that made those declarations. That he would be the oversight of all of this,” she said.

Colbert switched gears in the interview to ask about how this all relates to World War II. He asked if we could have something like the Truman Committee again. Pelosi went on to give some history about the Truman Committee, which was created by then Sen. Harry Truman to stop companies from profiteering off of the war. Pelosi said the committee cost $1 million to create, but saved America $15 billion and people’s lives. Pelosi said that her new House committee would be modeled after Truman’s to prevent corporations from profiteering off of the coronavirus crisis.

“In the here and now, how we go forward has to have transparency and accountability,” she said.

The interview went on to talk about how democracy will still be able to function during this time of social distancing.

“Democrats insisted on resources in this last bill that the president signed last week. We had $400 million to promote voting by mail directly, all of that. However it was not nearly enough, we need at least five times that much in order to really meet the needs to protect the integrity of our election,” she said.

To end the interview, Colbert asked the speaker what she would say to the worried people at home.

“Wash your hands, hydrate, pray, and you can never dance too much,” she responded.

Plus, she recommended that everyone try to enjoy their favorite things, which in her case was chocolate.

“Ghirardelli, chocolate ice cream, whatever it is, you know it’s a very important part of my life,” she joked.

“Ok you heard her America. Pleasure is good right now. The speaker says don’t forget to pleasure yourself,” said Colbert to end the segment.

“Not quite,” laughed Pelosi.

Watch the clip above.

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