This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta came to a fiery end with a fight between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore that had to be broken up by security.

Weeks of back and forth between the women came to a head Sunday night’s show. Moore had told TMZ that Leakes had “very few friends,” said she wouldn’t go to her for advice, and called her a “bully.” This led to Leakes retaliating with rumors about Moore. Leakes told Wendy Williams, that Moore’s marriage was never official, and that she used an egg donor to have her child.

“I’m happy for her to be a mother. If she found an egg outside up under a chicken, I think it’s great that she had a baby,” Leakes told Williams.

During the episode, at Kandi Burruss baby shower, Leakes confronted Moore, telling her that she is “the real bully now.” Moore responded to the criticism by bringing up the time she thought Leakes was trying to spit on her in Greece.

“If I wanted to spit on you, you know you would have been spit on,” Leakes responded. “I didn’t try. Because anything I want to do, I will do it.”

The fight continued to heat up as Moore got closer to Leakes. “Don’t touch me now, because I ain’t going to be what you want. You ain’t going to do nothing to me,” Leakes said.


“You’re never what I want,” Moore replied. “You’re the low-class blonde in the wig.” A physical altercation began, and Burruss and her husband had to call security to get the women to separate.

Watch a clip of the fight below:

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