On the December 12 episode of Saturday Night Live, the show featured a sketch with host Timothee Chalamet and cast members, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat and Pete Davidson in a sketch mocking “Sportsmax,” a cable channel for sports fan so out of the loop who believe that the Jets and Knicks are the tops in their sports.

“A lot of mainstream sports networks like ESPN are saying the Jets have not won a single game this year, that they’re 0-12,” said Moffat as he threw to Bennett to explain that the games were rigged and the Jets were victorious.

The commentary mirrored right-wing cable network Newsmax’s claim that President Donald Trump won the election despite Joe Biden still re-winning every time a state’s votes are recounted.

Chalamet and David portrayed Jets fanatics “Deluca and Delvechio,” who explain why the Jets actually won against the Dolphins. “Who did the scoring?” Davidson asked of the 20-3 loss. “The NFL,” Moffat replied. “Ohh, the NFL,” Davidson and Chalamet screamed while pounding french fries.

The sketch added in two Knicks fans confidently stating that Jeremy Lin is the greatest player in NBA history.

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