Even the former first family prioritizes public safety by practicing social distancing. 

Since The Ellen Show has been suspended due to the coronavirus, Ellen DeGeneres has been posting photos and videos of her catching up with famous friends on her social media accounts. On Monday, DeGeneres phoned former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

“Always brightens my day to get a call from my friend Ellen, especially on this rainy Monday at home. It’s good to know that even when we’re apart, we’ve still got each other,” Obama wrote alongside a link to the video of the phone call, which DeGeneres shared on her Twitter account. 


“What are you doing to be creative and keep busy?” DeGeneres later asked.

“Ya know, we’re just trying to, like, structure our days. I mean, everybody’s home. The girls are back because colleges are now online. So they’re off in their respective rooms doing their online classes and I think Barack is—I don’t know where he is. He was on the phone on a conference call. I just got finished with a conference call,” Michelle told the talk show host.

DeGeneres also told Obama that her family was more than welcome to join her and her wife, Portia DeRossi, at their home in Santa Barbara.

“My mother’s up here and she’s safe,” DeGeneres assured Obama. I want my brother and his wife to come, but Portia’s family is here. It’s an interesting time and you know, a time for all of us to reflect on what’s important and try to be creative.”

The video ended on a good note, Michelle offered words of wisdom for finding light during this difficult situation.

“When times are bad, having each other, having your health, we can do with a lot less. And I think that’s an important lesson I want my kids to understand as they get out there in the world. Be grateful for what you have and be ready to share it when the time comes.”

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