Almost one and a half years after his death, Michael Jackson's first music video, "Hold My Hand," from his posthumous album, Michael, was released at 12:01 Thursday morning on VEVO.

Jackson preformed the duet with R&B singer, Akon, who also features prominently in the video. The video showcases footage of children playing and dancing, as well as Jackson's star on the Hollywood walk of fame. At one point the camera zooms in on his the pop legend's right hand, with its fingertips wrapped in the bandages he famously wore during performances.

The song begins with voices saying, "We love you, Micahel," before Jackson follows with the now prescient, "This life don't last forever / So tell me what we're waiting for." The video ends with footage of Jackson finishing a concert, blowing a kiss and waving to his adoring fans.

The ten-track album is set to be released on December 14. –KIMBERLY STEELE

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