The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo has joined the chorus of voices asking to be heard in demanding that all protesters who participated in Black Live Matters demonstrations over the summer in Arizona to be dropped. 

In a Twitter video from Bruce Franks Jr., a former Missouri lawmaker and anti-police violence activist, posted a video of Ruffalo supporting the cause.

“Hey, Mark Ruffalo here,” the actor said in the video. “Allister Adel, we are demanding you drop all the charges for the protest in Phoenix last year and fire every prosecutor involved in these false charges. #DropTheChargesMCAO.

Adel, a Republican attorney to Maricopa County, had already dropped charges against specific protestors after her prosecutors didn’t follow procedures when a group of protestors were charged as a criminal street gang. Activists are calling for Adel to drop charges against all protestors. 

“We know some of the cases have been dismissed because the police officers who built these cases lied and created fictional gang charges to a grand jury,” said Democratic State Rep. Athena Salman in another campaign video. “We must hold the officers involved accountable and the prosecutors involved in these protest cases should be fired.”

Democratic State Sen. Martín Quezada also posted a video saying, “The right to protest is the last resort against oppression, and it must be protected.”


Last year saw a flood of Black Lives Matter protests over the summer in the wake of the death of George Floyd and other black individuals killed at the hands of police officers. 

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