Justin Bieber delivered two emotional performances as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

His first was of his new song “Holy,” featuring Chance the Rapper.

Bieber and Chance performed on a set styled to echo a chapel thanks to the song’s religious themes, complete with a glowing blue cross. Chance is famous for Christian messages in his raps, but Bieber is not, so though the song does have strong religious overtones, the artists meet in the middle with a comparison between romantic love and divine love.

Bieber’s second performance was of his new song “Lonely” with Benny Blanco.

The song is a raw account of his childhood rise to fame and the psychological pain that accompanied it, so instead of taking place on a set, it shows Bieber sitting backstage at the SNL recording studio and singing into a mirror before making a slow journey to the stage. The performance echoes the song’s official music video, which features a child actor dressed as a young Bieber during his “My World Tour” slowly making his way to a stage, abandoning his childhood symbolized through attempts at playing hockey.

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