John Krasinski kissed Pete Davidson during his monologue on Saturday Night Live after the other cast members insisted that Jim (his character from The Office) must kiss Pam.

The premise of Krasinski’s monologue was that he cannot escape his The Office role in the eyes of the public.

“Hey, Jim. I have a question. … So my question is you’re Jim from The Office?” Alex Moffat said, before asking him where Pam, his character’s wife (played by Jenna Fischer), was.

“Nope, I’m actually John. Hello,” he responded, adding that “Pam is a fictional character.”

Other cast members in the audience started shouting out to Krasinski, including Ego Nwodim, who told Krasinski that he needs to stop working out because “Jim is soft.”

“I’ve got a question: Kiss Pam,” Kenan Thompson said. “I need you kiss Pam. That is what I need to see today.”

Eventually, Davidson joins him on stage and explains that everyone’s obsessed with Jim and Pam’s relationship because they’ve been binging The Office while quarantining.

“I think they really need for someone to be Pam,” Davidson told Krasinski. “I think we’ve got to give them what they want. Jim, I think you have to kiss Pam.”

Then, the audience begins chanting “kiss Pam,” until Krasinski gives the camera a shrug and pulls in Davidson for a smooch.

The A Quiet Place director hosted the first SNL episode of the year, which featured him as a QAnon supporting insurrectionist from the Capitol, and as a man who is only good in bed because a rat is directing him in a Ratatouille inspired parody.

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